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De Bazaar invites you for a day of fun and great bargains

For over 30 years De Bazaar is considered Europe’s largest and most fun indoor weekend market.  De Bazaar is not your traditional flea market, it is an experience, a surprising combination of finding true bargains and (small) entertainment. Whether you’re looking for affordable clothing, curiosities, beauty, jewelry, toys or other bargains, you’ll find it for sure at one of the 2000 shops. Don’t forget your lunch or coffee break at one of the 60 little restaurants and terraces. They offer a great variety and good quality of international food. And for kids, we have ample fun things to do. Take a ride on the merry go around, receive a fun schmink, take a ponyride or jump the trampoline. Visit us rain or shine!

  • De Bazaar is located at Beverwijk, North Holland. 15 km north of Amsterdam, 25 km south of Alkmaar
  • We’re open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 8.30 am till 6 pm
  • We’re easy to reach by car and public transport (Train Station Beverwijk is a 5 minute walk).
  • We have ample parking space (5,200 parking spots)
  • Dogs, placed in a dog bag or dog buggy are allowed. All other dogs, with the exception of guide dogs, are not allowed at De Bazaar.

De Bazaar consists of various Markets and their hidden treasures

Black Market
Ibiza armband - Glossy sieradenWonen - Waterpijp 1Goedkope gympen van grote merken!
The black market consists of 4 halls. The main product categories here are clothing, shoes and accessories. There are special points of interest:

  • Hal 1: Cowboy boots, watches & Zippo lighters
  • Hal 2: Cribs and cradles, jukeboxes & fishing gear
  • Hal 3: Gemstones, jewelry, vintage & 2nd hand
  • Hal 5: Gel candles, waterpipes, beauty & lightning

Grand Bazaar
Vonny nostalgische fotostudio, boogje De Bazaar Beverwijk,Leren jassen van FerganzaGames - jonge bezoeker met DVD in hand
The halls of Grand Bazaar offer a great variety of clothing, cosmetics and beautiful leather coats. Its gems are:

  • Hal 4: Bric-a-Brac, nostaligic photo studio & household products
  • Hal 25-26: Decorative swords, game museum (Yes, you can) & rock  t-shirts

Food Court and Asian Market
Nagelstudio in hal 30Kinderen - meisje met speelgoedHorecaplein - Chinese to go 2
 In Hall 30, you’re able to eat food from all corners of the world: Chinese, Japanese, Afghan, Surinam, Middle Eastern. You name it. But there’s also great finds next to the food court:

  • Nail Salons (manicure and pedicure) and feet treatment by fishes
  • Radiographic toys, general kids toys and games
  • Large sizes clothing, kids (party) clothings, sneakers, Asian fashion
  • Beautiful handmade carpets and pillows, interior decorations
  • The largest Dutch Asian Supermarket

Eastern Market & Fresh ‘Farmers’ Market
moederdag cadeau, gouden armband, goudsouk, goudstraatTheeservies, Oosterse MarktOz Marmara Oosterse Markt

 In Halls 31-34, you feel as if you’ve jumped to a Middle Eastern Souk. The smells, the colors, it’s a feast for your senses. You’ll find fresh foods from all over the world, nicknacks, clothing and kitchenware. And last, but not least: the Gold Street: lots of jewelers sell and craft your golden jewelry.

Developments at De Bazaar

De Bazaar’s one steady characteristic is that it changes constantly. In 2014, two new markets will open: Mihrab (August) and Goudsouk (November).

Mihrab (located in Hall 30) hosts foods, arts and crafts with a link to Northern Africa. The market gets its look and feel from Alhambra, using blue tiling, gold decorations, and a large fountain in the middle. Mihrab gets its name from the Mosque’s alcove that traditionally tells you where to find the East.
Mihrab - impression voorgevelGoudsoukMihrab interieur
In Goudsouk (meaning Gold Souk), the jewelers of De Bazaar will show their treasures to the public. The building (opposite of Mihrab and the Eastern Market) gets its shape from the ‘raw’ shape of the precious metal: a lump of gold. On the inside, the jewelry will do the talking. You’ll be able to buy beautiful, high quality gold and precious metal jewelry. It will be a wonderful mixture of the original gold streets you’ll find in the East with a high end mall from the West.